Morning Wood

Morning Wood

$99.99 $14.99

There’s no greater feeling than waking up in the morning and the first thing that you see is morning wood. For a limited time, you can now play with your morning wood all day long for only $14.99.

Send this special morning wood to a friend, loved one, yourself or some random person for fun. All orders are sent in an unmarked, anonymous package.

Weight 2 lbs

As Seen On TV


It’s no secret that I have morning wood. I was proud to show it to friends and family. And the best part is it can be other types of wood, like evening wood or after lunch wood.
– Christine Stauffer

It was a toss up for me between this product and it’s competitors. In the end, the best one held stiff.
– Jeremy Combs

I bought this for my wife as a joke, but she just ended up using it to make fun of my erectile dysfunction.
– Bryan Hermann

My morning routine had gone from the wrong foot, to the right hand!
– Eric Frank

Camping has never been easier!
– Dan Minshew

Long gone are my days of pushing open doors with my hands in the morning!
– Rob Sprouse


We use a premium hard maple that is locally sourced, made, and handcrafted here in America.

It takes two to three days for you to have a morning wood in your hands.

Our checkout process is powered by both Stripe and PayPal, two of the most trusted online payment solutions on the web. It would be extremely hard for someone to bust through our systems and grab your private information.

We don’t ask for your name during checkout and we will keep our mouths shut if they ask us any questions.

$14.99 USD for anywhere in the world.

Ah, that’s a great question! This is actual common for morning wood.